The Trusted Platform for Secure and Safe Transactions

Eskrobytes is a platform that facilitates secure and safe transcations between buyers and sellers, ensuring that products and services are delivered and paid for as per contractual agreements.
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Latest features

We provide you with all the features you need to pull off a smooth and undisputed business transaction

Data Security

We are bound by strict confidentiality agreements, protecting sensitive information and data related to your transactions.

Share Listing

Share your listing link across all social media and let your business partners onboard immediately.

Real time chat

Communicate in real time with your business partners with our end-to-end encrypted chat feature.

Instant withdrawals

Get your money into your real bank accounts almost instantly after placing a withdrawal request.

Dispute resolution

We get any possible dispute that might arise resolved by our professional dispute resolution team, almost immediately after they are reported.

Realtime support

Get support in real time from our esteemed support team with any kind of difficulty that may arise from using the system.

How does it work ?

Simple steps to follow in order to close a successful deal


Create listing

Create new listing as a buyer/seller. Add product/service name, agreed price, and payment method


Share your listing ID

Share your listing ID as with a buyer/seller and await their request to handle/deliver the product/service.


Accept seller/buyer request

Accept the buyer/seller request on the listing and a new project would be created where the 2 parties can collaborate.


Request for payment

Seller requests for part or full payment for the service/product to be delivered.


Accept payment request

Buyer pays agreed price into eskrobytes' account by accepting the payment request from the seller.


Service/Product delivery confirmation

The buyer confirms that they received the agreed product/service and it is up to their satisfaction.


Release payment

The buyer authorizes the ESKROBYTES to release the payment into the seller's wallet.


Withdraw your money

Buyer creates a withdrawal request and the get their money transferred into their bank account immediately.


Watch a demo

Gain confidence and insight into how we prioritize your security and peace of mind. Watch the demo and get a glimpse of the security and transparency that our system offer.


Curious about how our system work? Explore our "Screenshot Section" for a visual walkthrough of real-life transactions.


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